About Us

Image & stitch is a collaboration between Adrian James, a photographer, and Allison James, a textile artist.   Living in the Peak District, both of us gain inspiration  from the landscape that surrounds us,  but our work also draws on our travels in other parts of the world. Colour, texture and shape are  strong motivations in our individual work and come together in the visual conversations that this project represents: a photograph inspires a textile piece which is then photographed and a new textile work generated….

We also undertake  commissions for other projects. We can be contacted via this website (Contact page) or by email: imageandstitch@outlook.com. You can also find us on Instagram – imageandstitch.

Adrian’s work

Adrian’s interests as a photographer span both urban and natural landscapes and he also has particular interests in portraiture, both human and animal, and photography as art.  One of his recent photographs has been used for the the book cover of The Craft of Knowledge (2014) published by Palgrave Macmillan and another will feature on the cover of a forthcoming  book of poetry by Jenny Hockey, Going to Bed with the Moon, to be published by Overstep books later this year (https://www.jennyhockeypoetry.co.uk). He is a member of the Royal Photographic Society.


Allison’s  work

In her  textile work, Allison draws on a mix of techniques that include: hand and machine embroidery, felting and embellishing and  hand and machine quilting.  She uses these techniques in different combinations, as she responds to the image and atmosphere of  each  new photograph. She has exhibited with Art Through Textiles in their 2017 exhibition, Follow the Thread.  Currently, she has work in the international touring exhibition curated by Dionne Swift, Collective Stitches, and in the exhibition, The Devonshires: their history and their house, at Chatsworth. (9 March-22 April 2019). Her work will also feature later this year  in Art Through Textiles’ 2019 exhibition, Material Matters. She is a member of  The Quilters Guild and the Embroidery Guild.

In addition to this collaboration each  of us works independently and these other artworks can be viewed on our individual pages on this site – Allison’s work appears on “Stitches” and Adrian’s work on “Images”.